Renegade Savage All Purpose Cleaner

  • Engineered To Clean and Disinfect The Interior And Exterior Of Your Vehicle
  • Best For Spot Cleaning Such As The Dash Board, Seats and Crevasses
  • Effective Cleaning For The Undercarriage That Can Harbor Grime and Road Tar
  • Sold Individually
  • 24 Oz. Bottle
  • Quality Made Product

Savage A.P.C. is a robust all-purpose cleaner that is engineered to clean and disinfect the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This product is best for spot cleaning the interior of your vehicle like the dashboard, steering wheel build-up, seats, door panels & creases that store and attract dirt. Savage A.P.C. is also very effective at cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicle that can harbor grime & road tar.

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