Renegade Rebel Spray Wax


Rebel Spray wax helps you block UV light to avoid premature color fading or staining on your vinyl decals or wrap and other severe effects from sunlight exposure.

  • Rebel Spray Wax from Renegade
  • 24 oz Bottle
  • Multi-Surface Detailing Wax Spray for Quickly and Effortlessly Creating a High-Gloss Shine
  • Primarily Designed for use on Painted Surfaces
  • Produces a Glassy Shine with a Mirror Reflection
  • Sold Individually
  • Quality Made Product

Rebel Spray Wax is made with a refined Carnauba blend, typically referred to as an instant detailer. It is used to make the paint on your Big Rig, pickup truck or show car shine. This spray wax is water based and does not leave a film or residue on the surface, it also helps you prevent water spots and then dry it helps you repel debris and road grime off your vehicle. 

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